Core Plugs

Product CodeDescription  Count/BoxBoxes/SkidCount/Skid   
MP-29162-9/16" Coreless Plug3753011250
MP-2012" Standard Plug w/Lip8003024000
MP-3013" Standard Plug w/Lip5252010500
MP-3023" Plug w/ 2" Hole w/Lip6003018000
MP-3113" Heavy Duty Plug w/ 1" Hole and Lip250307500
MP-3133" Heavy Duty Plug w/ 1.75" Hole and Lip250307500
MP-3153" Heavy Duty Plug w/ 1" Hole280308400
MP-3163" Heavy Duty Vacuum Plug250307500
MP-3173" Extreme Duty Plug350248400
MP-401504" Heavy Duty Plug w/ 1" Hole180305400
MP-501505" Heavy Duty Plug w/ 1" Hole108303240
MP-601256" Standard Plug w/ 3" Hole96323072
MP-601506" Heavy Duty Plug w/ 1" Hole80302400
MP-6DP-76" Double w/ 7" Ring3030900
MP-1215012" Heavy Duty Plug w/ 3" Hole1003300

Pad Plugs

Product CodeDescription  Count/BoxBoxes/SkidCount/Skid   
MP-402014" Carton Protector w/ 2" Hub4003012000
MP-552015-1/2" Carton Protector w/ 2" Hub210326720
MP-592015-15/16" Carton Protector w/ 2" Hub240204800
MP-633016-3/8" Carton Protector w/ 3" Hub150203000
MP-653016-1/2" Carton Protector w/ 3" Hub2943882
MP-703017" Carton Protector w/ 3" Hub2423726
MP-803018" Carton Protector w/ 3" Hub2762552
MP-953019-1/2" Carton Protector w/ 3" Hub1283384
MP-1130111" Carton Protector w/ 3" Hub1922384
MP-12W29012" Carton Protector w/ 3" Hub2122424

Suspension Plugs

Product CodeDescription  Count/BoxBoxes/SkidCount/Skid   
MP-303SLV-H3" x 3" HDPE Sleeve96302880
MP-303SLV-N3" x 3" Nylon Sleeve96302880
MP-604SLV - H6" x 4" HDPE Sleeve1264504
MP-605SLV - H6" x 5" HDPE Sleeve1265630