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Assortment of core plugs

We offer a variety of core plugs, inserts, and carton protectors to compliment our roll packaging product line. We assure you the same level of quality with these products as you have come to expect with our Cradlepaks.

We carry standard 3" core plug all the way up to the 12" plug.

Core Plugs

Our 3" CP-301 is free of flash and the gate is recessed below the surface. That is why we can guarantee it to feed flawlessly through your vibratory bowls and automatic pluggers.

Vacuum core plugs

We also carry a polymer vacuum plug with a diaphragm that can be punctured for removal. We provide 100% quality assurance that every plug fits and every diaphragm is perfect.

Non Vaccum plugs

Our plugs are made with recyclable plastics and they will not break down due to moisture. Many sizes also feature the patented annular ring for maximum strength.

If you are looking for carton protectors, we have those too. Let us know what your needs are and we will come up with the right insert for you.

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Carton Protector 8
Coreless Plug Sleeves

Core Plugs and Carton Protector In Action

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