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Wine Shipping Trays

wine bottle packaging

We are producing a plastic wine shipper, known as the Vinpak, manufactured from recycled PET bottles.

These thermoformed shippers are designed to nest very efficiently, taking up a fraction of the storage space required for other types of packaging.

The photo above shows 40 trays nested together for use. This allows your people to easily handle enough trays to pack 8, 12-pak boxes in one hand.

The sharp appearance of our trays will add to the presentation of your bottles when received. First impressions are important.

rigid packaging for wine bottles

Wine bottle packaging

Your customers will also appreciate the clean appearance of the Vinpaks. There is no messy pulp or styrene beads to clean up.

Since the Vinpaks are produced from recycled PET, they may also be dropped off at any local recycler avoiding any landfill/disposal issues.

Give us a call today and let us supply you with the
premium shippers for your wine.

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